It is not without doubt that, drug addiction is among the most notorious cases faced in the world today and it is currently emerging into an epidemic and should be properly addressed. The numerous cases, of crimes experienced in the world today and using America as a case study, Drug Enforcement Agency forensics report that in 2012 alone, the highest number of drug related crimes and social vices were caused by drug addicts who either could not control themselves any longer or sought the desired effects of the illicit drug for their various immoral acts.

Consequently, many addicts previously dreaded the idea of having to go through the rehabilitation process, since it was formally considered that addicts had to go through some uncharitable and insensitive mode of rehabilitation in other to completely get rid of their addictions especially in cases of an addict being criminalized.


Sometimes, it isn’t easy to identify good rehab centers and because of the many cases of addiction nowadays in America and the world, many quack practitioners have sprung up, all with the intent of defrauding their patients. Also, there are centers who don’t possess all the necessary requirements to deal with the addiction process and so, though they may actually engage in the treatment process, they end up making their patient recover incompletely and sooner than later the patient is back on the line of doing drugs. In order to recognize a good rehab center, it must possess certain characteristics like being effective at its service, having a one on one interview session with its patient and other characteristics which can be gotten at



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There are many reasons on why people get addicted today. It can be said, such reasons spring up from two factors; which are from happiness or from sadness, but depending on how it may be perceived, it is, without a doubt, to say that sadness or depression might constitute to most of the reasons why people get into the habit of being addicted. Most times, people caught in the web of addiction get addicted into the many various forms of addiction, and addiction as we know it is a habit which when initiated cannot be easily overcome by oneself except, by the help of a medical expert or rehab center.

And consequently, many people get caught mostly in the habit of using illicit drugs which may include cocaine, Indian hemp, heroin, marijuana, barbiturates, crack cocaine, amphetamines, acid and the many others. Also, the addiction to illicit drug alone is not the only various form in which one could get addicted, for even legal drugs could be a source of addiction even to the morally upright, legal drugs like alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and others could also, create addiction if taken in huge dosages than normal.

In essence, these substances destroy the person outlook physically, mentally as well as socially hindering and destabilizing the person’s previous normal state. As a measure to solving this problem, the establishment of rehab centers has similarly helped addicts by offering them a chance to get rid of these self-sustained addictions. In the United States of America, therapy rehab is located in many places and given the fact that people would continue falling victims to addictions, these centers have been set up to handle situations as such even to the nearest future. The same thing could be said about other countries using Europe for an instance, there are more people suffering from alcohol addiction than all other addictions combined together and so, measures on how to reform people are very critical and such, ideas have led to more creation of alcohol rehab centers than other centers combined together.


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